Finest Worksongs

R.E.M. - Green, Part One

October 20, 2020

For cynics and critics, "Green" was supposed to be the beginning of the end for R.E.M. After all, the Athens, Ga., band had culled a following throughout the country by essentially touring nonstop and bringing their DIY ethos to college radio -- a medium they practically helped create. "Green" was their first album with Warner Bros. Records -- and their deal with WB was (at the time) the most lucrative recording contract in US history. But most important to Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe was the freedom and artistic control it provided. "Green" reflects a band at its artistic and creative zenith. It was commercially successful thanks to songs (and videos for) "Stand" and "Pop Song '89," but it was still weird enough and full of "R.E.M.-iness" to placate even their most devoted fans. It was also a bridge album between the jangle pop of the early days and the lushness of what was to come.

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